John Green – An Abundance of Katherines

Lately, I’ve kind of been on a John Green streak. I’m ashamed to admit that I had only read ‘Paper Towns’ before this year, but with the upcoming film ‘The Fault in our Stars’, I just couldn’t leave it at one book. So I bought them all, and I read them. Because I don’t have the patience to review them all, I choose the one that I liked the least. Since, you know, that’s what we all want to know, right?

An Abundance of Katherines★★☆☆☆

‘An Abundance of Katherines’ tells the story of crazy-smart Colin and how he keeps falling in love with getting dumped by girls named Katherine. Not Katerine or Catherine, but only Katherine. After his heart has been broken nineteen times, Colin and his best friend Hasan take a roadtrip and end up in Gutshot: a town where working in a factory is what everybody apparently ends op doing after highschool. There, Colin meets Lindsey and from there on, everything changes….

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Alex Flinn – Beastly

I’m back in the business! Or at least, I’m trying to be… The thing is, I mostly read books that consist of series or trilogies and those are incredibly hard to review, since I can’t do a review of the third book and not tell you guys what the first two parts are about. But I’ll promise I’ll do better! Summer is coming up (OK, still a few months, but I’ll take what I can get) and that means plenty of time for reading and review. In the mean time: a review about a book that I thought would be really good, but kind of sucked.

Beastly (Beastly, #1)


‘Beastly’ is your modern take on ‘Beauty and the Beast’, but told from the Beast’s point of view. Kyle is in high school and incredibly rich, vain and has daddy issues. Looks are everything to him, and when it’s time for a dance to come around, he makes the biggest mistake of his life. As a prank, he invites a goth girl to the dance and humiliates her. What he doesn’t know is that she’s a witch which results in her turning him into a hideous beast. Kyle’s dad locks him up in a mansion, he’s forced to be home school by a blind teacher, and he has two years to break the curse by making a girl fall in love with him.  Definitely not as easy as it sounds…

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Lindsey Kelk – I Heart Christmas

This review is probably a week or two too late. I know, and I’m sorry. But in case you’re already hunting for books to read next year at Christmas, put this one on your list!

Last summer I read ‘I Heart London’, expecting it to be the last book in the series. Imagine my surprise when I found a Dutch version of a new book in the bookshop. At home, I immediately went on the internet and ordered it in English: ‘I Heart Christmas –  Lindsey Kelk’.

I Heart Christmas (I Heart, #6)


After returning from London with Alex, Angela is ready for Christmas. Eggnog, British traditions and of course a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, there won’t be much Christmas for her this year. A new job, a best friend who’s desperate for a baby and another best friend who shows up uninvited are ruining her Christmas. How is she going to survive this Holiday season?

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Ted Lewis – Get Carter

I owe you all an apology. It’s been two months since my last post and I cannot even tell you how deeply ashamed I am of that fact. There is one positive thing about my leave of absence: I now have about fifteen books that I still need to review. So how about I quit the small talk, and get right to it?

Doncaster, and Jack Carter is home for a funeral – his brother’s. Frank’s car was found at the bottom of a cliff, with him inside. Jack thinks that Frank’s death is suspicious, so he decides to talk to a few people. Frank was a mild man and did as he was told, but Jack’s not a bit like that.

Get Carter


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Lionel Shriver – We Need To Talk About Kevin

Shortly before his sixteenth birthday, Kevin Khatchadourian kills seven of his fellow high-school students, a cafeteria worker and a teacher. Is it his mom’s fault, because she never really loved him? Is it his father’s fault because he never wanted to accept how his son really was. In letters to her husband –desperate, uncomplaining, but always painstakingly honest-, Eva Khatchadourian is trying to find out if she’s responsible for that one Thursday. When did it go wrong?we_need_to_talk_about_kevin_cover★★★☆☆

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Anna Starobinet – The Living

After a global catastrophe called the Great Reduction, the number of people living on Earth has become fixed, remaining a constant three billion. The concept of death no longer exists. Instead people are reborn anywhere on the planet with an in-code that keeps track of information about all their previous incarnations. Humankind is no longer made up of individuals – people are only particles making up one composite organism called The Living. These particles live happily and die happily, according to a government-determined schedule. All of society is connected directly from the brain to the social network (Socio) and family and country are now of no importance. Society is global, and attachment to parents and children is denounced as a deviation. Yet – there is one man born without an in-code – a spare human being. His birth increases the number of The Living by one, which threatens global harmony. Who is the man known as ‘Zero’ and how will The Living survive?

The Living


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Chris Colfer – The Land of Stories: the Wishing Spell

Yes, I know this book is written by Chris Colfer. No, this fact didn’t influence my opinion of the book. In The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell the lives of Alex and Conner Bailey (twins) are about to get changed when they receive a book full of fairy tales from their grandmother. But something strange is going on… There are noises coming from the book and objects disappear when you drop them on the book. It doesn’t take long before Alex and Conner find their way into The Land of Stories. Soon they find out that the fairy tales that they know, haven’t ended. Cinderella’s pregnant, Red Riding Hood has her own Kingdom, Goldilocks is a wanted fugitive, and Jack (the one from the Beanstalk) has a secret love. The twins are desperate to go home again, but there is only one way: they have to find the objects that are necessary for the Wishing Spell. The downside is that it is not as easy as they thought. Cinderella keeps her glass slippers tightly locked up and the Evil Queen needs the Wishing Spell as well…

Toverland / De wensspreuk


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James Mylet – Lex

Sometimes I read a book that makes me wonder why I even want to finish it. Am I hoping that the ending will be better? Am I waiting for a plot twist? No. I just want to know what the ending is like so that I can put the book away and not worry about ‘but maybe the ending was really good!’. A good example of a book would be Fifty Shades of Gray, but Lex is also one of those books.

Lex is all but finished growing up in Clifden, Connemara, where he runs a radio station from his bedroom and makes plans to go to university in London. As he shares his views on life, music and Michelle, the best girl in town, Lex is absurdly acute and brilliantly entertaining. Michelle is not only older than Lex, but she’s dating the town thug, someone Lex would do well to avoid, but where’s the fun in that? With all his dreams falling around his ankles, Lex is determined to go out with a bang, leaving the town reeling with his loss. And he will, but it might not be quite what he had in mind.



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Stephen Chbosky – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I cannot write a blog and then not write about one of my favourite books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Perks is about the fifteen year old Charlie, who’s just starting his freshman year at high school. He’s not really a loser, but he’s by no means popular. He’s more of a wallflower. In his letters to a friend, you read about his first experiences with parties, going on dates, family drama, and drugs. There’s a world to be explored and Charlie can’t stay on the sidelines forever.

Perks is one of my favourite books written for teenagers and young adults.  Just like every other book it also has some points of criticism, but overall I think it’s such a good book. It’s easy to read and it’s the perfect book to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower


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Laura Barton – Twenty-One Locks

Jeannie is twenty years old and she’s Lancashire’s worst perfume girl. She works in her small town’s department store, where all the other girls have perfect make-up (if a little too orange, and a mite too thick) and hair in buoyant ponytails. Jeannie, with wet hair and pale skin, doesn’t fit the bill. And she doesn’t really care – she arrived as a temp two years ago and has never got round to leaving. Being bored by work gives her plenty of time to think about her impending nuptials to Jimmy, her teenage sweetheart who’s now a mechanic. He’s a local lad and like everyone in the town, he lives for Saturday nights: beer, brawls and bare flesh. Jeannie is happier at home on the sofa, or better still, day-dreaming about leaving the town behind. Just as her feet are at their most cold, she stumbles upon Danny at the train station. He’s a well-read, well-travelled, sophisticated ladies’ man and represents everything her life is not. Or at least that’s how it seems. And before long, it all becomes complicated.

Twenty-One Locks


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